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The Baccarat Strategy Debate

Experienced gamblers are divided on the subject of strategy in baccarat. Some believe that the game is solely founded on chance, and that no strategy can truly increase your chances of winning. Others believe that certain strategies, when used correctly, can help you place a more informed bet during the game.

The Argument Against Strategy

The outcome of baccarat depends largely on which cards you have been dealt, which is why so many people believe that success in the game is largely a result of luck. Some even believe that strategy is more harmful to your chances of winning than it is beneficial, because strategies conflict with one of the most basic rules of any casino: the house always has the better odds.

The Argument For Strategy

Because players are also offered the option of either betting their own hand or betting on the banker's hand, however, some believe that betting strategy can come in useful. For example, some players insist that it is possible to find patterns in the betting habits and behaviors of other players (including the banker) that can give clues to what each player holds as the game progresses.

Ultimately, each player will have to decide whether he believes in the old adage "the house always wins." If you subscribe to this, than your main strategy will be to always bet on the banker's hand. If you think this is a faulty assessment, then you can try to observe the behavior of your opponents in order to determine whether you do, in fact, have the best hand in each round.